Now’s your chance to head to the Pretty Swanky downtown Capital Factory incubator space in the Omni and heckle me and my co-panelists as we attempt to explain why we hire who we hire, what makes for good employees, and generally try to hem and haw our way through the presentation so we can get to the free pizza at the end. Slightly more seriously, it’s a good opportunity to meet and greet both newbie and veteran programmers, get your questions answered, or stump the chumps.

If you can’t make it, sometimes the raw video gets posted online, so you can check it out later.


July 12 at 7pm

Video Game Makers Unite!

Austin, TX
1,275 Gameristas

This is a group for anyone interested in creating video games or game companies of all types: core AAA, massive online/MMO, indie, social, casual, mobile, serious play, and au…

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Panel: Hiring and Managing a Game Technical Team

Thursday, Jul 12, 2018, 7:00 PM
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