I'm very excited to announce my brand new asset on the Unity Asset Store, called SmoothTrails.  It's a better version of the built-in Unity TrailRenderer.  You might ask, why not just use TrailRenderer or one of the several other trail generators?Here's why you might like SmoothTrails:

  1. You have TrailRenderers already, but the trails look bad when objects rotate too fast, or frame rate drops.
  2. You have someone else's trails package but they render slowly.
  3. You want more control over the quality-vs-performance, perhaps dynamically.
  4. You want to customize TrailRenderer, but don't have source code.


  • SmoothTrails comes with full source code.
  • SmoothTrails is a custom reimplementation of the Unity TrailRenderer component, and relies on LineRenderer, so the setup is what you're already comfortable with.
  • You can tell SmoothTrails how many cubic Bezier spline points to add between segment samples, and it does so smoooooothly. (It's a harder problem to solve than you might expect.)
  • SmoothTrails has 3 levels of quality that adjust performance/quality tradeoff.

Here's a sample of what a TrailRenderer and SmoothTrails object look like side-by-side... I accidentally recorded this one in LOW QUALITY.  At high quality, it's perfectly curved.  I'll re-record when I get a chance.