Reachable Games Assets


Multi-platform builds, asset bundle generation, and runtime caching solution.
v1.8 January 4, 2021


Automatic generation and optimization of light probes based on terrain, meshes, or colliders.
v2.5 January 4, 2021


Photoshop Layer Workflow with Scenes! Stop stomping your teammates changes.
v1.5 January 4, 2021

Post Liner Free

Free, reduced feature set version of an outline shader for Post Processing Stack v2.
v1.6 January 4, 2021

Post Liner Pro

High quality, flexible outlining shader fully integrated into Post Effects Stack v2.
v1.6 January 4, 2021


Drop-in replacement for the TrailRenderer, with cubic Bezier spline smoothing.
v1.4 January 4, 2021